One platform to inspire and empower learners, of all age, willing to contribute to collective problem solving.
OpenCovid is an Open Source Pharma & CRI Paris initiative in the #LearningPlanet spirit.

Moving from awareness to action, together.

We are starting our work by curating the best resources and open source projects on covid19 and encouraging collective contributions and open discussions. Next, we will develop learning and problem-solving tools to host and nurture projects.

Help us document the best covid19 resources

Are you working on or know of any resource/project that could help solve the covid19 crisis? Please fill out it to our community curated database so we can feature it online and share with the rest of the world.

OpenCovid timeline


April 2020 - Ongoing

Mapping the best human flourishing projects and resources and hosting community conversations on how to best cope with the crisis.

Local projects

April 2020 - Ongoing

Moving from ideas to local community projects which are built in the open, in transparent and inclusive ways.

Collective intelligence

May 2020 - Ongoing

With time, we aim to harvest the most successful ideas into a common GPS of knowledge.

Can conscience be viral?

We invite you to join us in answering these 3 powerful questions:
1. How do I deal with my fears?
2. What am I learning?
3. In what ways am I able to grow?

RSS Latest Feed – COVID19 Knowledge-base
  • Using graphs to develop a deeper understanding of COVID-19 July 7, 2020
    At the DZD we've been collaborating with data management software and services firms Kaiser & Preusse, yWorks, ProDyna, Structr, Neo4j, Linkurious, derivo GmbH, Graphileon, S-cubed, Helomics as well as several volunteers to set up the COVID-19 graph database, which connects data from a range of well established public sources and links them in a searchable […]
  • Using iCn3D and the World Wide Web for structure-based collaborative research: Analyzing molecular interactions at the root of COVID-19 July 7, 2020
    The COVID-19 pandemic took us ill-prepared and tackling the many challenges it poses in a timely manner requires world-wide collaboration. Our ability to study the SARS-COV-2 virus and its interactions with its human host in molecular terms efficiently and collaboratively becomes indispensable and mission-critical in the race to develop vaccines, drugs, and neutralizing antibodies. There […]
  • Coronavirus expert says Americans will be wearing masks for 'several years' July 7, 2020
    That's the take of Eric Toner, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.Johns Hopkins practices virus simulations as part of is preparedness protocol, with the goal of offering public health experts and policymakers a blueprint of what to do in a pandemic.TEXAS' CORONAVIRUS HOSPITALIZATIONS HIT NEW DAILY HIGH AS TOTAL CASES […]
  • Repurposing public health systems to decode COVID-19 July 6, 2020
    Existing public health monitoring systems in the UK, could improve understanding of the risk factors associated with severe COVID-19 Existing public health monitoring systems in the UK, could improve understanding of the risk factors associated with severe COVID-19. The UK Biobank (UKB) is an international health resource which enables researchers to understand the genetic and […]
  • WHO launches iSupport Lite July 6, 2020
    WHO's iSupport Lite consists of a set of practical support messages for caregivers of people with dementia extracted from iSupport, WHO's knowledge and skills training programme.

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