Open Source Hardware

Evaluation of Open Source Ventilators

An analysis of Open Source COVID-19 Pandemic Ventilator Projects according to 7 criteria: Openness, Buildability, Community support, Functional & Reliability Testing, Suitability, Clinician Friendliness, Manufacturability

Citizen Science

Corona Learning Library

A community platform for collective sense-making and info sharing.


#Dontgoviral Covid Wiki to enable Content Production adapted to different geographical & cultural contexts

We are crowdsourcing openly licensed creative content through a Wiki to #ShareInformation, this is an open call to content creators of every genre to do what they do best; create! The hope is that by creating inspired and informative content that is relevant to the current crisis, more people will share and spread the knowledge. By making the content open-sourced, we are inviting others to co-create and produce content that fits their environments best.


Real-time tracking of pathogen genome evolution

As new genomes come to light, researchers upload them to an online database called GISAID. A team of virus evolution experts are analyzing the growing collection of genomes in a project called Nextstrain. They continually update the virus family tree.


Virus Genomes

As new genomes for the coronavirus come to light, after its constant mutations there are now more than 3000, researchers upload them to an online database called GISAID.


The Values Inventory for helping to handle Extreme Stress

This resource provides a values framework to help to regulate emotions when under extreme stress. This is a relevant when dealing with stress arising from the current period of uncertainty and volatility.

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