Open Source Hardware

A high-capacity COVID-19 testing lab will open-source its design and protocols

The development of a high-throughput lab that can process as many as 10,000 tests per day, with a turnaround time of within 24 hours for reporting results to physicians. The design, protocols and specifics of this lab will be available open-source to anyone else looking to establish high-capacity lab testing.


BlueDot Software

BlueDot’s outbreak risk software safeguards lives by mitigating exposure to infectious diseases that threaten human health, security, and prosperity.

Open Source Hardware



Containing COVID-19 with a two-day workweek

A weekly cycle of 2 work days and 5 lockdown days can provide a good tradeoff between minimising health impact and maximising economic activity. It can keep the infection load low while allowing a sustainable, albeit reduced, economy. It can eradicate the virus without reaching herd immunity, thus preventing a large number of deaths.


SOS equipements

It is a platform designed to fight against the scarceness of medical material that the healthcare professional face.
It allows to match needs in material with people with resources to provide them.

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