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Evaluation of Open Source Ventilators

An analysis of Open Source COVID-19 Pandemic Ventilator Projects according to 7 criteria: Openness, Buildability, Community support, Functional & Reliability Testing, Suitability, Clinician Friendliness, Manufacturability

Open Source Hardware

Careables Covid-19 Initiatives – Open Source Health Care Solutions & Community

We collect and disseminate information, support makerlabs printing coordination and help connect the maker community around the globe.

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Real-time tracking of pathogen genome evolution

As new genomes come to light, researchers upload them to an online database called GISAID. A team of virus evolution experts are analyzing the growing collection of genomes in a project called Nextstrain. They continually update the virus family tree.


Virus Genomes

As new genomes for the coronavirus come to light, after its constant mutations there are now more than 3000, researchers upload them to an online database called GISAID.

Citizen Science

Covid-19 Museum

The object of this project is the construction of a Covid-19 museum, a museum initially electronic likely to gather all the scientific, literary, iconographic, media traces of this period; a museum for all, consultable by all, a tool for reflection and analysis for health actors, philosophers, sociologists and anthropologists, psychologists, historians and political scientists, economists, epidemiologists and more generally any researcher wishing to exploit the mass of data that will be collected there; a multi-dimensional museum reflecting each aspect of the moments we are going through; a national museum which could be used in all countries to promote the emergence of a world museum of this pandemic; a museum for memory, didactic and analytic, available to all populations tomorrow as a marker of new futures and new horizons.


COVID-19 public dataset program

Making data freely accessible for better public outcomes. A hosted repository of public datasets to aid researchers, data scientists, and analysts in the effort to combat COVID-19

Citizen Science

Scientific collaboration in the era of COVID-19 

A collaborative project to build effective and beneficial ways to boost scientific progress in this time of crisis. A list of tools to write scientific manuscripts together is provided.

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