Medical registries of people with chronic diseases and covid19

Each entry is just a brief: the bare details of each patient’s age, underlying conditions, the medicines they take regularly and for Covid-19, and how well they fare under treatment. But collectively, the registries offer a valuable picture of an evolving disease.


Epidemic Calculator

A calculator that implements a classical infectious disease model to simulate the disease’s progression and contextualizes the numbers, forecasts and epidemiological parameters described in the media and literature (12 variables).


Semantic Scholar – Covid19

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Allen Institute for AI has partnered with leading research groups to prepare and distribute the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19), a free resource of over 45,000 scholarly articles, including over 33,000 with full text, about COVID-19 and the coronavirus family of viruses for use by the global research community.

This dataset is intended to mobilize researchers to apply recent advances in natural language processing to generate new insights in support of the fight against this infectious disease. The corpus will be updated weekly as new research is published in peer-reviewed publications and archival services like bioRxiv, medRxiv, and others.


Covid Veni is a collaborative wiki-graph referencing projects related to covid-19 and to pandemics: strategies, datasets, books, art work. It is similar to Wikipedia or Wikidata except it is more focused and puts an emphasis on user experience, data semantics and design.


COVID-19 Treatment and Vaccine Tracker

This document contains an aggregation of publicly available information from validated sources. It is not an endorsement of one approach or treatment over another but simply a list of all treatments and vaccines currently in development.


Coronavirus Papers unlocked

5,352 scientific articles covering the coronavirus – fully searchable and free

Citizen Science

Folding @Home

We’re simulating the dynamics of COVID-19 proteins to hunt for new therapeutic opportunities.



Food safety matters to everyone. Food-borne illness caused by harmful pathogens that contaminate food supplies can potentially affect the health of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. It is also a major concern for food growers, manufacturers, packers,shippers, wholesalers, and retailers. Release of contaminated foods can result in processing delays, product recalls, plant shutdowns, and legal action. It can cost food companies millions in revenue as well as their reputation, stock value, and future profitability.

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