The Values Inventory for helping to handle Extreme Stress

This resource provides a values framework to help to regulate emotions when under extreme stress. This is a relevant when dealing with stress arising from the current period of uncertainty and volatility.


Starting to make sense of the corona virus situation

It is a short document introducing the reader to a sensemaking framework that allows to start making sense of how individuals & governments are currently handling the Corona virus situation. It follows up with further strategies that allow the individual to deal with the quarantine.


Containing COVID-19 with a two-day workweek

A weekly cycle of 2 work days and 5 lockdown days can provide a good tradeoff between minimising health impact and maximising economic activity. It can keep the infection load low while allowing a sustainable, albeit reduced, economy. It can eradicate the virus without reaching herd immunity, thus preventing a large number of deaths.



Learn life saving gestures (from French fire brigades)


COVID19 by numbers – excellent resource!

[Link for Download] fresh from the press… online open version in eLife tomorrow (02.04.2020) with peer-reviewed constant updating – new mode of publishing.
All verified numbers and explanations relevant to the virus and pandemic progression.
Please join the quest to find relevant quantitative measures as basis for modeling and understanding of the COVID-19 virus and pandemics. Open for your thoughts, numbers and critics on our discussion forum here:

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